Moulana Hasrat Mohani on Objectives Resolution

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Jamal kept quiet. When Mian sahb and Moulana sahb left, Jamal asked Moulana Hasrat Mohani: “Moulana, why are you against Objectives Resolution?”

“Have you read it?”, Moulana asked.

“Yes, I have”.

“And have you understood it?”

“Yes, I have understood it a little. Allah’s sovereignty over Pakistan has been accepted in it and it cannot be objected to”.

“Of course. But it is a slogan used by Kharijites. Kharijites were tribal people and they wanted to develop a self-made state administrative system. Their tribal leaders used to exploit the idea of God’s sovereignty in order to keep their sovereignties intact. Now in the current scenario, if you use this ideology as the guiding principle of the state administrative system, then it’s dishonesty. This idea is free of the concepts of time and space. It cannot be made the basis of the constitution of a state. Constitutions are made for a particular region and for a particular time period; they are always open to amendments and improvements, and they should always be such”.

“Objectives Resolution means Sovereignty is for Allah only. Do you know what Hazrat Ali had said in response to this idea? He had said, it is a truth that is being used for the protection of a wrong. Had Jinnah been alive, things would not have come down to this. Liaquat Ali Khan wants to rule Pakistan with the help of mullahs and feudal lords. If he accepts the right of the people of Pakistan to rule, then he wouldn’t be able to protect the exploiting classes. And mullahs will provide him with the religious cover for this prupose”.

Jamal said to him mischievously: "Moulana, you're a mullah too".

“I am a Muslim, not a mullah. And Alhamdolillah, I’m a communist”, he said.

“Don’t you think your Muslimism and communism are conflicting”, Jamal asked.

“Where’s the conflict?”, Moulana replied.

It's an excerpt from Ahmad Bashir's book 'Dil Bhatke Ga' and has been translated into English for


  1. Maulana Hasrat Mohani was an extremely intelligent person. I may tend to disagree to his assumption that Liaqat Ali Khan had a desire to rule through Mullah, but yes Lliaqat Ali Khan did make a mistake (most likely due to his ignorance) by introducing Objectives Resolution. Time proved that it threw Pakistan into the hands of blood thirsty mullah and formed basis of all prejudices, discrimination, radicalism and persecution.

  2. I can not for the life of me understand why so many intellectuals are absolutely hell bent on maligning the name of the first PM of Pakistan. His accomplishments are too numerous for me to list and his sincerity was beyond reproach. Liaquat Ali Khan died in 1951 and Pakistan's first constitution was debated for another 5 years and was passed in 1956. If anything was wrong in the constitution why didn't someone else fix it. I have seen people blame Liaquat Ali Khan,  who died 50 years ago for Pakistan's foreign policy failures in 21st century. If you must look for a villan it is Bhutto and Zia. 

    1. You have to for the life of you understand that financial corruption is not the only form of corruption. And please for the life of you read a few books. It isn't that hard to understand, I guess.

      1. Dear Mr. Warsi, You have not answered the question: Why blame a leader for including objectives resolution in the constitution when the nation debated the constitution for 5 years between 1951 and 1956 before it for the first time and passed in 1956, revised in 1962 and passed again 1973 with plenty of other amendments. 

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