Farooq Tariq accepts Imran’s challenge, exposes Aleem Khan’s corruption

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I have said it in the past that Aleem Khan is the most powerful candidate PTI could have imagined of fielding fromm NA-122 and can surely give tough time to Sardar Ayaz Sadiq but I also shared my reservations over Imran Khan’s all-out support for Aleem Khan and calling the workers who don’t support his nomination as ‘trojan horses’ and ‘fifth columnists’ within PTI. I always knew that Imran Khan’s harsh words will earn him more criticism than his decision to field Aleem Khan from this constituency.

As I had feared, Farooq Tariq, a well known journalist from Lahore, on Sunday shared a story on Facebook from his personal life in which he claimed that he was defrauded by Aleem Khan himself in the infamous Park View Cooperative Housing Society scandal. Farooq recalls how he and hundreds of others were robbed of their money from 1996 to 2006 in this fraud housing scandal, Aleem Khan was a center-piece to which. As a matter of fact, Aleem Khan was the General Secretary of the society and his name was printed on the ‘Baye Naama’.


Aleem Khan had the local Patwari on his side, as per Farooq Tariq’s claim, and even arranged fake registries and Inteqal papers of the land. It is pertinent to mention here that Aleem Khan was also an MNA and a Minister in Chaudhry Pervez Elahi’s cabinet during Musharraf’s regime. “He had sold government land as his land to over 200 families at my locality”, says Tariq.

In 2008, Punjab government cancelled all the registries and the Inteqals, leaving the poor buyers with no option at all. They were all defrauded by the person who is now going to contest the by-election against Ayaz Sadiq in NA-122 on PTI’s ticket. Tariq claimed that he had accepted Imran’s challenge to prove Aleem Khan’s corruption and uploaded the copies of the papers of the land that was sold to him.

Park View land purchase agreement. Photos by Farooq Tariq.
Park View land purchase agreement. Photos by Farooq Tariq.

As I had said, Tariq hasn’t challenged Aleem Khan here. He has said that he accepted Imran Khan’s challenge and his statement here is a direct response to Imran’s tall claims about Aleem Khan‘s integrity in a letter on Insaf.pk in which he tried to prove Aleem Khan a great philanthropist.

If Imran thinks that he has put up the right candidate, it is his duty to get this investigated instead of brushing the allegation aside by simply saying that Punjab government couldn’t prove anything. He has said it in the past to clear out Aleem Khan and it didn’t work; in fact proved counterproductive.

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