About Us


Our objective is to create awareness regarding the most intriguing issues that Pakistan faces today.
Current affairs and politics are but just two of the subjects that we discuss. What we really want to focus is the social issues concerning our day-to-day life and that includes almost everything that concerns us as a nation.
We talk about religion and consider ourselves bold enough to confront the dogmas that trouble our society but being Muslims, we will never post anything that is derogatory for any of the sects of Islam or any of the religions of the world. For us, Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism and every other religion of the world, including atheism, is respectable. We don’t discriminate on the basis of beliefs at least.
We are living in the age of data and information. Bombarded with news from all sides, our young generation is unable to differentiate between the true and false information. This page aims at providing the truest information with complete authenticity.
On our website http://fasaadi.com/ we aim to write truly researched articles instead of just sharing whatever is the in-thing.
So, stay tuned to Fasaadi to get the latest news without biases.